APES Shelter and Rescue
APES Shelter and Rescue
A place for exotic homeless, abandoned and shelter pets.
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    If you are from a corporation or the public sector, please contact us for shelter and rescue services. 
  • Helping Everything Big & Small

    Looking for First Aid or Health Support?

    Visit our pet care clinic we might be able to help you instead of sheltering your pet.
  • Cats & Dogs

    We are an exotic animal shelter & rescue. We take in snakes, lizards and other types of exotic pets. For dogs and cats please see our Dogs & Cats Shelters page for more information on organisations that can help you. 
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We care for our Exotic Animals!

Remember, caring for exotic pets is a commitment that requires knowledge, time, and dedication. By providing them with proper care and love, we can create a harmonious and fulfilling bond with these incredible creatures.


From abandoned animals, to shelter surrenders, we deal with most cases.


Assessment of every animal that comes though our door along with treatments if needed. 


Once we know all is well we then rehome them.

Certificates With Every Adoption

Along with a certificate we will send you a dedicated adoption pack. Packed with information, tips and much more. 

Watch our adoption video about the animals we have looking for homes. 

APES Streams

Experience the enchanting world of our exotic residents with the new APES Shelter Streams! We’re proud to present a captivating live stream service that brings the daily lives of our shelter's exotic animals straight to your screen. Connect with the heart of our mission 24/7 and witness the care, love, and playful spirit of our animals in real-time.

Our live streams offer a unique opportunity to observe the beauty and behavior of rare and captivating creatures from around the globe. It's a chance to build a deeper understanding and appreciation for the animals we dedicate our efforts to protect and rehome. Through APES Shelter Streams, we hope to raise awareness for animals in need of homes, showcase our unwavering commitment, and share the joy each animal brings to our shelter family.

Whether you’re drawn to the playful leaps of our lemurs, the serene grace of our sloths, or the thoughtful gaze of our big cats, the APES Shelter Streams provide a window into an exotic world that’s sure to inspire and transform the way you see our animal friends.

So, embark on a virtual safari, discover the wonder of our exotic inhabitants, and perhaps, find a place in your heart for one of our animals in need of a loving home. Visit our live streams and let these remarkable beings remind you of the beauty and diversity of life on our wonderful planet.

Can't Adopt? Why Not Sponsor

Not in a home that is suitable for a exotic pet? Want to help an exotic with out having them at home? Sponsor an animal on our donor community.

Live Chat

Not sure or need help? Not a problem please use our live chat at the bottom of the website and we will be happy to help.

Live chat can now deal with a number of issues from shelter requests to sponsorship updates and enquires.