APES Shelter & Rescue
A place for exotic homeless, abandoned and shelter pets.
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We care for our Exotic Animals!

Remember, caring for exotic pets is a commitment that requires knowledge, time, and dedication. By providing them with proper care and love, we can create a harmonious and fulfilling bond with these incredible creatures.


From abandoned animals, to shelter surrenders, we deal with most cases.


Assessment of every animal that comes though our door along with treatments if needed. 


Once we know all is well we then rehome them.

Certificates With Every Adoption

Along with a certificate we will send you a dedicated adoption pack. Packed with information, tips and much more. 

Watch our adoption video about the animals we have looking for homes. 

Live Chat

Not sure or need help? Not a problem please use our live chat at the bottom of the website and we will be happy to help.

Live chat can now deal with a number of issues from shelter requests to sponsorship updates and enquires.

Can't Adopt? Why Not Sponsor

Not in a home that is suitable for a exotic pet? Want to help an exotic with out having them at home? Sponsor an animal on our donor community.