APES Shelter and Rescue
APES Shelter and Rescue
A place for exotic homeless, abandoned and shelter pets.
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Our Adoption Fees

Our adoption fees are to help recuperate the cost of the animals stay with us. But more then 80% of the time we don't recuperate anything back. This is why adoption fees are essential. If you wish to donate more at the time of adoption then please tell us. All extra donations are greatly appreciated. 

ReptilesAdoption Fee
Corn Snakes£55 Minimum Donation
Boa Constrictors£75 Minimum Donation
King Snakes £75 Minimum Donation
Royal Pythons£55 Minimum Donation
Bearded Dragons£70 Minimum Donation
Geckos£55 Minimum Donation
Tortoises £100 Minimum Donation


InvertsAdoption Fee
Spiderlings (Slings)£25 Minimum Donation
Spiders (Juvie - Adult)£55 Minimum Donation
Scorpions£55 Minimum Donation


Insects Adoption Fee
Millipedes£15.00 Minimum Donation


Small AnimalsAdoption Fee
Rabbit£55 Minimum Donation
Rabbits (Pair)£100 Minimum Donation
Hamster£15 Minimum Donation